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Engineering machinery

KLT is uniquely positioned to partner with you to create the engineered solutions you need for efficient production. Our staff and engineers have a wealth of experience working with clients to design, develop, and manufacture premium tools and components that deliver high performance.

In addition to our advanced materials expertise, the engineering insight we offer into your problems and challenges creates additional value and qualifies us to support you in addressing the constant need for improvement and efficiency in industrial processes.

We are a leader in the global manufacturing of engineered can tooling solutions and have the experience to support product development for can makers. Our core strengths are our expertise in applied materials and product development, along with a fully integrated manufacturing process for can tooling. Another strength is our ability to partner with end users early in the new product development process, ensuring we offer support from the design stage all the way to the final product, which also includes helping you recycle your used cemented carbide. We offer a solution for all bodymaker, cupper, and necker tooling and drawn & wall ironed (DWI) can needs.