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Sewage treatment

With high strength, toughness, wear and corrosion resistance and excellent heat-conducting property, hard alloy sealing rings provided by KLT are mainly applied in some places with terrible environment KLT designs different marks according to different environment, the products can be divided into inlaid hard alloy stationary ring and solid carbide stationary ring according to the structure, such as different types with/without anti-rotating pins
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Ordinary marks of hard alloy sealing rings produced by the company as follows:
Mechanical seal ring are used to seal the clearance between the rotating shaft and the stationary housing in equipment such as pumps and mixers, so that liquid cannot leak out through this clearance

Tungsten carbide is the most excellent seal face material in the seal material world
One of main reasons for using tungsten carbide is the additional wear-resistance that can be achieved in both moving and static parts
This is particular the case in serve service conditions, such as high temperature, and high levels of corrosion and abrasion

Product information:
1. Characteristics of abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance and stable property performance, protective bushings, anti-friction, silence block, separate harmful from bearing, sleeve protector
2. High precision, variously available size and shape
3. H6 tolerance, fine polishing, mirror surface
4. Non-magnetic